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Helping Improve Equine Athletes Health & Performance


At Flying X Equine, we are dedicated to optimizing the wellness and performance of your equine athlete.


We specialize in providing PEMF therapy for performance horses, livestock, and small animals. Our non-invasive PEMF therapy reduces muscle stiffness, joint pain, and inflammation while promoting healing at the cellular level. This results in faster recovery time and improved performance in the arena.


PEMF therapy works by stimulating cells and addressing cellular dysfunction at a molecular level. Over 2000 studies have shown the numerous benefits of PEMF therapy, making it a widely used supportive modality for improving the general wellness and athletic performance of show, race, and pleasure horses worldwide.

PEMF Services

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What Is PEMF?

"By stimulating and exercising the cell, PEMF addresses dysfunction where it starts. Animals tend to exhibit relaxation and satisfying releases during their PEMF sessions."


Benefits of PEMF

"Pulse Equine PEMF machines and accessories are able to penetrate gently but deeply into an animal’s body, stimulating areas not easily reached with massage, lasers, or other noninvasive methods."


PEMF Research

“The periodic increase in blood flow during the PEMF treatment regimen provides more nutrients and better oxygen - carbon dioxide exchange in skeletal muscle and a potential for greater energy production.”



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