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PEMF Therapy 


Prior to Scheduling an Appointment


All clients are encouraged to get a referral from a licensed veterinarian. This minimizes the likeliness of a more serious problem in your horse. All clients will be required to sign a waiver releasing Flying X Equine Sports Therapy,  LLC from all associated liabilities.

How to Schedule an Appointment

We are currently accepting new clients and would be happy to work with your equine partner. Please call us at (210) 618-5116 to schedule your appointment or book online now. It is important to leave a message if we do not answer. To ensure our safety as well as our clients, please be aware that we will not answer our phones while working directly with an animal.

What to expect at your appointment

Upon arrival to your destination, your Certified Pulse Equine PEMF Professional will visually examine your horse for any noticeable inconsistencies and discuss with you any issues your horse may be having. After assessing your horse, you professional will begin the whole body cellular exercise routine. This will take approximately 1 hour and will help charge all of the cells within your horses body. It will also help show any soreness and/or tight muscles your horse might have. After completing the whole body routine, the practitioner will spend some extra time focusing on specific spots that require extra attention.

Typical Appointment Costs

One session - $75 and includes travel within 30 miles of Pagosa Springs, CO.


Three session package - $195 and includes travel within 30 miles


Five session package - $300 and includes travel within 30 miles

Travel Fees will apply to 30+ miles outside Farmington, NM.

Mileage charges to one location with multiple appointments will be split.

Please email or call to discuss travel charges over 60 miles.

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